Turkish Drip Irrigation System Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish drip irrigation system, Turkey drip irrigation system manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality drip irrigation system from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

BOZYELLER KIMYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s chemicals, chemical fertilizers, chemical fertilizer, agricultural pesticides, fertilizers, fertilizer, agricultural pesticide, plastic pipes, plastic pipe products, sprinkler irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation, pvc water pipes, drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, pvc water pipe
ISKO PLASTIK VE KALIP SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, driplines, drip irrigation fittings, sprinkler irrigation, sprinklers, sprinkler, irrigation pipes, couplings, sprinkler irrigation systems, lay flat couplings, sprinkler
TFS TUGRA DAMLAMA SULAMA SIST.        Türkiye     Bedrettin Bayam    
s drip irrigation system, filter, filters, cyclone plastic filter, plastic filter, plastic filters, eco filters, complete system of plastic filter, complete with filter systems, plastic filter manual system, metal filter, metal filters, l model metal filters, complete metal systems, x model filter, cyclones, cyclone systems, fertilizer tanks, horizontal fertilizer tank, vertical fertilizer tank, fertilization title, moss filters
s filters, automatic irrigation system, automatic sprinkler timer, automatic sprinklers, automatic drip, drip emitter, drip emitters, drip garden irrigation, drip gardening orthos sprinkler system, drip hose, drip irrigation, drip irrigation emitters, drip irrigation hose, drip irrigation kit, drip irrigation parts, drip irrigation supplies, drip irrigation system, drip irrigation system for garden, drip irrigation timer, drip irrigation tubing, drip line, drip line irrigation, drip tubing, flange, butterfly valve, plastic filters, metallic filters, hydrocyclones, fertilizer tank, cyclone filter, sprinkler system, garden irrigation systems, automatic irrigation system, garden irrigation, garden sprinkler systems, greenhouse irrigation, inground sprinkler systems, installing drip irrigation, installing sprinkler system, lawn drip irrigation, lawn drip system, lawn irrigation systems, lawn sprinkler, lawn sprinkler systems, low pressure irrigation, micro drip irrigation, sprinkler valve, watering sprinkler system, watering systems, water irrigation system, power filters, hydrocyclones system, sand media tank, sand media system, multiple system, extra parts, dripping fertilize, drilling aparatus, line cutting, bracelet male, bolted gear, muff, irrigation fertilize
PANPLAST SULAMA SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     İbrahim BÜYÜKKARCI    
s irrigation systems, sprinkler system, dripper irrigation, dripping irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation drip, irrigation system, system irrigation, systems irrigation, drip system, irrigation drip systems, drip irrigation systems, irrigation sprinklers, dripping irrigation system, drip irrigation system, irrigation drip system, drip system irrigation, irrigation supplies, sprinkler irrigation, irrigation sprinkler, irrigation supply, irrigation equipment, irrigation pipe, pipe irrigation, drip irrigation pipe, flat drip irrigation pipes, drip irrigation lines, line valve, plast, drip irrigation pipes, round drip irrigation pipe, round drip irrigation pipes, flat drip irrigation, flat dripper, flatt drip irrigation pipe, flatt drip irrigation pipes, irrigation drip lines, drip line irrigation, flat drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation pipe fittings, clamp sprinkler pipe, clamp sprinkler pipes, clamp pipe, clamp for pipe, pipe clamps, pipes fittings, pipe fittings, of pipe fittings, sprinklers irrigation, sprinkler piping, sprinkler pipes, sprinkler pipe, pipe sprinkler, latch sprinkler pipe, latch sprinkler pipes, coil pipe, coil pipes, pipe coiling, pipe coil, pan, coiled pipe, plastic sprinkler head, sprinkler heads, sprinkler head, head sprinkler, sprinkler heads types, polietilen pipe, prolongation pipe, spherical valve
KALYON FILTRE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hasan KALYON    
s filters, plastic filters, irrigation pipes, drip irrigation pipes, irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, hydrocyclones, disc filters, gravel filters, irrigation hose reels, gravel filter systems, disc filter systems, filtomat systems, single gravel filters, filtration systems, dual collector systems, collector systems, collectors, triple collector systems, disc filters with stand, twin gravel filters, triple gravel filters, quadruple gravel filters, sixtuple gravel filters, single cyclone, drip irrigation pipe, plastic filter, hydrocyclone, drip irrigation system, irrigation system, collector system, collector, disc filter, gravel filter, irrigation pipe, filtration system, filter, single cyclone filters, irrigation hose reel, gravel filter system, disc filter system, filtomat system, single gravel filter, dual collector system, triple collector system, disc filter with stand, twin gravel filter, triple gravel filter, quadruple gravel filter, sixtuple gravel filter, single cyclone filter
SEKER PLAST DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS        Türkiye     Artur Aliyev    
s drip irrigation system, open disc filter, horizontal disc filter, twin filter, double filter, hydrocyclone systems, hydrocyclone filter, horizontal disc with filter, horizontal sieve with filter, plastic disc weith filter, cyclone filter, cyclone filters, cyclone filter with fertilizer tank, moss system, moss system with by-pass, moss system with plastic disc filter, moss system with horizontal disc filter, moss tank, fertilizer tank, fertilizer tanks, horizontal fertilizer tank, plastic filter, filters, plastic filters, hydrocyclone, hydrocyclones, metal filters, vertical fertilizer tank, multiple systems, collection tube machine, pipe laying machine, 3-way pipe collecting machine, plastic fertilizer tanks, butterfly valves, filter
ANAHTAR MAKINA SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hasan Tuna    
s automatic drip, automatic irrigation, automatic irrigation system, drip emitter, drip emitters, drip irrigation, drip hose, drip irrigation hose, drip irrigation system, drip line, drip irrigation tubing, installing drip irrigation, irrigate, irrigated, irrigation, irrigation hose, underground irrigation, machine, drip irrigation pipe line, belling machines, threading machines, pe coiler, dies, pipe extrusion lines, machine
ACAR MAK. SAN. TIC. LTD.        Türkiye     gülhan acar    
s drip irrigation system, automatic irrigation filters, machine manufacturing, spare parts manufacturing, control valves, packaging machinery
s drip irrigation system, drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, drip irrigation system, drip irrigation system galvanized parts, drip irrigation system casting parts, hose coupling, receiver hose coupling, direct transition hose coupling galvanized, reduction hose coupling galvanized, fertilization adapter galvanized, pipe nipple galvanized, black sleeve, sleeve galvanized, external groove, internal groove, filters, filters for irrigation systems
SERDRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS        Türkiye     Selahattin BEYAZ    
s irrigation systems, irrigation pipes, drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation pipes, sprinkler irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation fittings, drip irrigation fittings, irrigation fittings, round pipes, round irrigation pipes, round drip irrigation pipes, flat pipes, flat irrigation pipes, flat drip irrigation pipes, mini valves, barbed mini valves, threaded mini valves, nipples, offtake nipples, barbed end caps, glasses end caps, barbed tees, barbed elbows, nut nipples, threaded nipples, drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation system, irrigation system, mini valve, irrigation pipe, round drip irrigation pipe, flat drip irrigation pipe, nipple, barbed tee, sprinkler irrigation system, irrigation fitting, flat pipes, flat pipe, sprinkler irrigation fitting, drip irrigation fitting, round pipe, round irrigation pipe, flat irrigation pipe, barbed mini valve, threaded mini valve, offtake nipple, barbed end cap, glasses end cap, barbed elbow, nut nipple, threaded nipple
ABEN LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Kemal IŞILAK    
s auto, bus parts, spare parts, spare parts for truck, tractor parts, trailer parts, truck, truck part, truck parts, auto part, auto parts, water pump, water pumps, valve, valves, agricultural machine, agricultural machines, irrigation system, irrigation systems, pumps, submersible pumps, stainless steel pumps, cast iron pumps, submersible motors, agricultural equipments, sowing equipments, planting equipments, soil equipments, harvesters, harvesting equipments, drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems, filters, filter systems, couplings, pump, submersible pump, stainless steel pump, cast iron pump, submersible motor, agricultural equipme, coupling, drip irrigation system, agricultural equipment, harvester, filter system, sprinkler irrigation system, harvesting equipment, filter, sowing equipment, planting equipment, soil equipment
GUVEN PLASTIK TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tunc ANLATIR    
s plastic products, pvc pipes, plastic pipes, plastic installation systems, installation pipes, plastic installation pipes, waste water pipes, hoses, irrigation systems, sanitary systems, plastic product, pvc pipe, plastic pipe, plastic installation system, installation pipe, plastic installation pipe, waste water pipe, hose, irrigation system, sanitary system, pp-r pipes, pp-r pipe fittings, waste water pipe fittings, curtain rails, cable canals, transparent spiral hoses, pvc hose, drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, spring, springs, transparent spiral hose, spiral hose, cross, curtain rail, gas hoses, crosses, spiral hoses, extension pipes, pvc spiral hoses, silicone hoses, braided transparent hoses, lpg hoses, dust suction hoses, braided hoses, pvc pipe, silicone hose, extension pipe, drip systems, pvc spiral hose, dust suction hose, lpg hose, waste water pipe fitting, gas hose, braided hose, discharge hoses, septic tank pump hoses, marine hoses, braided garden hoses, acethylene hoses, steel wire reinforced hoses, double layer garden hoses, latched sprinkler irrigation systems, latched pipes, latched reductions, latched elbows, latched treaded end caps, latched abots, latched female heads, latched pump connectin parts, latched trheaded en caps, latched male heads, latched gaskets, latched pipeline valves, uv added drip main pipes, pp-r pipe, pp-r pipe fitting, cable canal, discharge hose, septic tank pump hose, marine hose, braided garden hose, braided transparent hose, acethylene hose, steel wire reinforced hose, double layer garden hose, latched sprinkler irrigation system, latched pipe, latched reduction, latched elbow, latched treaded end cap, latched abot, latched female head, latched pump connectin part, latched trheaded en cap, latched male head, latched gasket, latched pipeline valve, uv added drip main pipe, plastic drip systems
BECERI MIM. VE MUH. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     yeşim hanım    
s irrigation systems, irrigation system, agricultural irrigation system, vertical irrigation system, drip irrigation system, landscape system
CEYHAN DAMLA SULAMA SIST.        Türkiye     muharrem ceyhan    
s drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation system, irrigation pipes, irrigation pipe, drip irrigation parts
s drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, drip irrigation equipments, sprinkler irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation, valves, connecting apparatus, ball valve, sprinkler, drip irrigation valves, sprinkler
COKYASAR HALAT MAKINA TEL A.S.        Türkiye     Selcuk Firat    
s agricultural springs, garage door springs, wire ropes, wire rope, steel wire mesh, wire for agricultural spring, mesh wires, high carbon mesh wires, spring wires, wires for rope, wires rope, wire mesh, drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, pvc water pipe
MUTLU TARIM        Türkiye         
s fertilizer, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipments, irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, seedling, organic fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, liquid fertilizers, organic fertilizer for plants, npk fertilizer, letamin, liquid organic fertilizer, agricultural fertilizers
SIMERASU INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s irrigation systems, irrigation system, agricultural irrigation system, irrigation equipments, pivot irrigation systems, drip irrigation system, irrigation filters, filters, plastic filters, drippers, irrigation drippers, flat drip irrigation, irrigation pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes
HEBEI RUNNONG WATER-SAVING        Çin     Joanna Lee    
s drip tape, drip irrigation system, sprinkler, pe pipes, pvc pipes, fittings, sprinkler, pe pipes